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    My best friend was told that she would most likely never have a biological child, so in 1998 she and her husband began looking into adoption. Since adoption is an expensive process, we began painting items to sell, and the profit went to their "adoption fund." Heidi would base paint and I would add the design. In a relatively short time, the Lord blessed them with a baby girl. Then when her baby was eight months old, she found out she was expecting. (Isn't God good!) One week later, I found out I was also going to have a baby, too. We were so excited to be "getting fat" together. J 

    She now has three beautiful little girls, and I have two handsome little boys. She doesn’t have as much time to help out now, but she still gives me great ideas and advice on many of the projects. The name "JAM (Prints)," which was named in 2001, came from the first initials of our first three children’s names.


      J     A    M   Prints est. 2001