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It's never too early to think about Christmas!

 Have a favorite snapshot converted into a Christmas card at an affordable price.  Backgrounds and colors can be added for the look you want.  Look below for samples of past Christmas cards.  Non-seasonal cards and portraits are also available. 

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If the child (or children) for the painting are over 3 or 4 (or if you are requesting a still life), you may consider booking early to avoid the holiday rush.    Last day to order for print and/or cards to be ready to send out in time for Christmas is November 15th.  (Exception:  If you are ordering a pre-existing card, please order no later than November 25th.) However, if you order by September 1st, you can receive a $5.00 discount on your order.

Christmas Card Samples

Order Number


Order Number


A  2004

girls_singing.jpg (106307 bytes)

B 2004

boy_in_box.jpg (108687 bytes)

 C 2003

presents.jpg (81850 bytes) D 2005

christmas_story.jpg (96646 bytes)

E  2005

waiting_for_santa.jpg (110015 bytes) F 2006

white_christmas.jpg (96654 bytes)

G 2008

caroling.jpg (95909 bytes) H 2002

analises_gift.jpg (86889 bytes)

I 2007

visions_of_sugarplums.jpg (111002 bytes)

J 2007

the_christmas_story.jpg (87429 bytes)


snow_flurries.jpg (89156 bytes)

more coming soon!

Client Orders (not available for cards, but ideas)

twins_first_christmas.jpg (78433 bytes)

baking_with_grandma.jpg (113783 bytes)

snow_day.jpg (97517 bytes)

children_at_christmas.jpg (89383 bytes)

christmas_morning.jpg (114816 bytes)

emma.jpg (67423 bytes)

beach_babies.jpg (91513 bytes)

more coming soon!

Non-seasonal Cards or Portrait Samples

Order Number

Print Order Number Print


garden_friend.jpg (115142 bytes) BB

  crying.jpg (94618 bytes)


first_recital.jpg (84294 bytes)  DD

  girl_with_bird.jpg (101798 bytes)


pinwheel.jpg (77811 bytes) Not Available

  boy_reading.jpg (77180 bytes)

FF   first_kiss.jpg (105410 bytes) GG   setting_sail.jpg (102283 bytes)
Not Available analise_sepia.jpg (85578 bytes) Not Available julianna_sepia.jpg (87521 bytes)

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